SATUC is a non-profit organisation founded by Sheikha / Sheikha Al Thani and is a registered charity in Egypt: sheikha al-thani for underprivileged children charity registration (No. 9735) working to help orphans and underprivileged children. Our branch in the UK : sheikha al-thani for united children limited by guarantee (No. 08694198) .

It aims to help disadvantaged, refugee and orphaned children all over the world. It focuses on programmes that help to empower children through community projects; equipping children with the social, academic and sporting skills they will need to excel in life. Football, as a team sport, is seen by SATUC as a vital tool in achieving our goals. It has a unique ability to transcend social barriers and bring people together. It was with this in mind that the 2015 SATUC Cup was envisaged.

From an early age Sheikha worked hard to support underprivileged children in countries such as Egypt, Sudan, the Philippines, the UK and other destinations throughout the world. Despite her youth, she has carried out many projects in her lifetime as she strongly believes it is important to give our attention as a global community to children who have suffered great hardships in their young lives.

To smooth the path for these children, Sheikha puts strong emphasis on education in combination with fighting the poverty that traps so many of these children; she has taken it upon herself to encourage governments around the world to look after these kinds of disadvantaged individuals as it is the governments who are in the strongest position to help achieve prosperity for their countries.

In 2013 SATUC organized the first football tournament for orphans in Egypt under the aegis of Sheikha Sheikha Al-Thani, the founder of SATUC and her brother Sheikh Sultan Al-Thani. The tournament was organized in cooperation with several NGOs, affording street children and orphans from districts all over Egypt a unique opportunity.
SATUC wanted to spread this success globally and therefore wanted to extend the tournament for disadvantaged children to different countries around the world. Thus in 2015 the inaugural SATUC Cup saw 8 teams from 8 different countries (Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, England, Cote D’Ivoire and the Philippines) compete against each other. SATUC’s exponential expansion means it now has many projects to serve and help disadvantaged children, some of which we are actively working on now, with others in in preliminary contact: not least the upcoming 2017 SATUC Cup!


SATUC’s Story

Growing up between Egypt, the UK and the US, Sheikha was shocked by all the unnecessary suffering in the world. She felt a natural responsibility to help those less fortunate than herself and so, at the age of just 14, decided to found SATUC (Sheikha Al-Thani for Uniting Children and sheikha al-thani for underprivileged children ), which seeks to provide aid and opportunities to marginalised and disadvantaged children. Since then, Sheikha has traveled to places like Malawi, the Philippines and Egypt to raise awareness and offer her support. Sheikha is a strong advocate for sport as a means of social development and progress was determined from the start that sport be a core component of SATUC’s work. A keen sportswoman herself, she hopes that the SATUC Football Cup can provide the opportunities for healthy competition and personal development for the children. After the success of the 2013 Egyptian tournament Sheikha wanted to roll the scheme out on a grander scale; hence the international basis of the SATUC Football Cup.



The SATUC Cup is a global tournament held every two years, comprising 5-a-side teams of disadvantaged U15 year old children, with the first edition of the tournament having taken place in Cairo in the summer of 2015  (27th August – 3rd September). Future tournaments will be held in different countries around the world and the next one will be able to bring 24 teams to one city.

The 2015 SATUC Cup  was just the beginning and we hope that the tournament will grow and flourish and be staged every two years in a different country so that our message and spirit can be embraced around the world. All children and young people are part of our future and we hope that borders, issues and divisions will be set aside so that people from all nations and backgrounds join Sheihka and SATUC to help create a united, kind and hopeful world for the next generation.

Other projects include the SATUC Sports Academy for Disadvantaged Children and Orphans (SATUC SA) – a special school which will cater for 800 orphans and underprivileged children, offering them first class education up until university, high-level sports training and facilities, food and board, medical care and a community life. The school is designed to train up future football stars who will participate in local and international competitions.

We at SATUC believe that these children should not be viewed as victims, but as remarkable young people who have an extraordinary amount to give. Therefore, the aim of our tournaments is to inspire, to give these remarkable children a chance to dream and to empower them to make this dream a reality. SATUC’s emphasis on sport in our charity work stems from our belief that it has a unique ability to unite people and is therefore a powerful tool in our fight to enact social change.

Football in particular is such a unifying force as it is essentiallty a global, univerally spoken, non-verbal language; many sports and pastimes are open only to the wealthy and privileged, but football is accessible to anyone, anywhere. It has the power to overcome any language barrier, and through a shared love of the game, people of all races, creeds and colours are brought together.

Furthermore, football can provide these children with the tools to succeed in life: communication, teamwork, leadership, effort, discipline; these are just a few of the crucial attributes that we feel football can teach. After the tragic disaster of the Port Said Stadium Riot, we believe that now more than ever we must do something to cast Egyptian football in a positive light; football should be the cause of celebration, not tears and sadness and we are determined that the event will be an extremely happy and memorable occasion for all the players, coaches, volunteers and our SATUC supporters. As well as the cross-cultural benefits of getting to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip, the event seeks to foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork and crucially, respect for your opponent and other cultures, a quality that is sadly lacking all too often in football today.


Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Creative Sports Award        MBR (Mohammed Bin Rashid) Creative Sports Award

SATUC recently won the MBR (Mohammed Bin Rashid) Creative Sports Award

The Award is the world’s leading award in terms of value, and diversity of categories. It is the primary sports award dedicated to inspiring creativity in sports in the UAE, Arab countries, and the world in general.

SATUC, headed by Princess Sheikha Al-Thani, won the award for being a great charitable foundation, not solely through the sporting successes the organization has helped to realise, but also for work in all charitable social aspects. Of course, some of our children have even been signed to football clubs due to our work, and we continue to fight to change the lives of all of our children. The specific category being, ‘The Arab Organization Award’.

SATUC is very pleased to be recognized for all the work we do for the orphaned and disadvantaged children of the world, but mostly to be among so many worthy winners who are not just hard-working, but beacons of hope to those in need; this award is for them. Furthermore, it is for everyone, from our wonderful ambassadors, to our volunteers, and to everyone who has donated even the smallest amount to help the children for whom we care so much. This award will propel SATUC to new heights of capability in helping the orphaned and disadvantaged children of the world!

Winners will be honoured at an Awards Ceremony on the 9th January 2017 at The Dubai World Trade Centre.


Lives already changed by SATUC

SATUC does more than just helping our children…in fact we have already had some huge success stories. At the cups so far we have invited top football scouts to witness the skills of the stars of tomorrow. As previously mentioned, we do not see our children as victims, and sometimes we are able to act as a springboard, propelling them into very bright futures! Take Mohammed Isaac for example:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_OrYaeBjeM&t=10s





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