Bulgaria 15 AUG 2018 – Sheikha / Sheikha Al-Thani, the Chairperson of SATUC has met with the Portuguese football legend Nuno Gomes to discuss future collaboration with the 2019 SATUC World Cup.

In a warm and extended and conversation at SATUC World Cup Bulgaria, organised by SATUC and BFU in Sofia, Sheikha told the superstar Striker Nuno Gomes about the success of the 2015 SATUC World Cup in Egypt when he was joining 2018 SATUC World Cup in Sofia, and of her hopes of his support in facilitating Portugal team involvement in the 2019 international charity football spectacular.

“It was a huge pleasure and privilege to get the chance to speak to Nuno Gomes one of my biggest heroes in the world of soccer. He has already kindly supported us as SATUC World Cup ambassador to the 2018 SATUC World Cup Bulgaria, and during our conversation he generously expressed willingness to discuss how he might become more involved in the follow-up event.”

Princess Sheikha, who hopes to support from the Portugal striker as she plans the 2019 SATUC World Cup for Disadvantaged, Orphaned and Refugee Children, said that she was “honoured” that Nuno Gomes accepted her invitation to attend to 2018 SATUC World Cup in Sofia, which was held at National Football Centre “Boyana”/Bulgarian Football Union, which aims to help orphans, disadvantage and refugee victims, whose violent campaigns have resulted in millions of people being displaced from their homes.

The event was worth it for SATUC children around the world, which was attended by VIPs from the world of diplomacy, charity, football and music.

Sheikha said: “As a great fan of Nuno Gomes and all the work he has done for SATUC, including children. It was a great honour to be Nuno Gomes our Honorary ambassadors for 2018 SATUC World Cup event. It was an unforgettable event.”

“My charity is still young, as I am myself, and hope that I can emulate the professionalism as well as the passion of the Nuno Gomes as it pursues fund-raising efforts directed at providing direct relief to children who have seen or experienced appalling violence.”

Sheikha also took the opportunity to spread the word about SATUC, and to share experiences with others who, like herself, are acutely concerned about the injustice which far too many of the world’s children have to face every day of their lives.!

“I have a lot to learn from people like Nuno Gomes who attend to the 2018 SATUC World Cup Sofia and support these children around the world, such wonderful work from Nuno.” She added.

Nuno Gomes attended the 2018 SATUC world cup event, held 10 Aug- 17 Aug in Sofia, featuring teams of orphans and disadvantaged kids from twelve different countries.

The tournament, which was won by the team of boys from Nigeria, won widespread praise in local and international media for providing priceless opportunities to children from as far afield as the, Nigeria, Peru, Palestine, Bosnia, Cambodia, Syria, Iraq, Mexico, Cameroon, Indonesia, Morocco and Liberia to travel and compete in a spirit of fun and friendship.

The seven-day event, supported by Bulgarian football union and Bulgarian government, most of whom had never left their home city, to travel abroad for the first time and to experience the pride and passion of international competition.  With an exceptionally high standard of skill and effort on display, the tournament was praised by international soccer stars for its exceptionally high standard of sportsmanship and endeavour.

The competing 5-a-side teams came from Nigeria, Peru, Palestine, Bosnia, Cambodia, Syria, Iraq, Mexico, Cameroon, Indonesia, Morocco and Liberia and a team of Bulgaria.

The third edition of SATUC World Cup tournament, scheduled for 2019 and currently in planning, is expected to be on a much larger scale, involving teams of children from 16 nations.

For more information:  Contact Mr Ahmed ATAF on +201221418504 admin@oldweb.satucfootballcup.org


NOTES for editors

Other than the SATUC World Cup, SATUC foundation has several other projects that they are orking on such as the SATUC Education city.

This project will be built in Cairo and the Aim of it is to combine sports with Education, or in other words, to give more opportunities to orphans to plan a life which they can achieve great things and open whichever door they work towards. The charity will work on it so that it will be a place where education is something loved not forced and that the children will want to work and change the world.

Children will start their educational journey at the age of 4 or 5 years; this is so that they would adapt easily into the system and feel a part of the large family in that school. Cooperating with the several ministries such as the ministry of social solidarity and the Ministry of Education we will be able to give those children the best experience during their time at the school. Although at this stage there is no vision of a university being hosted in the city, we will support the children through their application process to universe.