SATUC WORLD CUP for orphans and disadvantaged children around the world

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Bringing together orphans, refugees and disadvantaged children from around the world for the purpose of sporting activity and cultural exchange.

Giving disadvantaged children and orphans space to excel, making them the center of attention and, through encouragement and mentoring, encouraging their successful self-realization and putting a smile on their faces. Establishing and reinforcing the principle of equality of opportunity.

Attempting to reverse feelings of inadequacy, enhancing children’s ability to create chances for themselves. To light candles of hope that will illuminate routes into professional footballing and other careers, encouraging ambition for future success in all endeavors.

To offer opportunities for disadvantaged children to travel abroad and experience different cultures, allowing them to engage with their peers in other countries, exchanging expertise and experience.

To increase children’s sense of patriotism through these events with the ceremonies of flag-raising and the singing of national anthems.

Our mission is to improve the living standards and well-being of children in all parts of the world in order to provide them with a brighter future, one without poverty or ill-treatment.