SATUC will launch the SATUC Education City (SEC) in 2019.

As part of SATUC’s long term plan, we plan to open the SATUC Education City (SEC) for Underprivileged Children and Orphans We will provide food; accommodation; education andmedical care. SATUC has many goals when it comes to helping disadvantaged children, all of them target poverty, illness and illiteracy. The first initiative was a quick and sure way to help the children prevent those three categories and that was through football. In 2015, Cairo was the first to witness the start of the biannual event that would act as a platform to showcase children’s footballing abilities to talent spotters from all over the world. From there, with the support of SATUC and all its ambassadors, the participating children would start a new life. The success gave way for SATUC to start working on other ambitions; SATUC Education City


This project will be built in Cairo and the Aim of it is to combine sports with Education, or in other words, to give more opportunities to orphans to plan a life which they can achieve great things and open whichever door they work towards. The charity will work on it so that it will be a place where education is something loved not forced and that the children will want to work and change the world.


Children will start their educational journey at the age of 4 or 5 years; this is so that they would adapt easily into the system and feel a part of the large family in that school. Cooperating with the several ministries such as the ministry of social solidarity and the Ministry of Education we will be able to give those children the best experience during their time at the school. Although at this stage there is no vision of a university being hosted in the city, we will support the children through their application process to universities around the world, whether abroad or locally. If they decide to pursue football we will support them in their applications to football clubs.


The first stage of the SATUC Education City will include 100 students, followed by the second stage in the following year of another 100 students. The academy will continue to accept 100 children each year. The curriculum will include primary, preparatory and secondary education (and sports). There will be around 1,200 students by the term of completion of the city.

Attention and Care:

SATUC Education City will focus on all students and residents in their respective fields with all the attention and care for their education and health given by the supervisors and the experienced ambassadors of the SATUC Foundation.





Joining the SATUC Football Association

If you wish to join the SATUC Football Association, please send us a signed and stamped letter setting out your commitment. Our address is 38 Hyde Park Street, London, W2 2JS, UK. Please use a cost-efficient method of postage as speed is not essential at this stage. We would also appreciate an electronic scan of the letter, which should be emailed to