J’Ardell Iaiah Stirling and Ryan Nana Kofi Nkansah (one of SATUC’s children) is now representing the Brimsdown Football Club.

‘Ardell Iaiah Stirling and Ryan Nana Kofi Nkansah, have been scouted by football teams – SATUC gave them the chance to show the world what they can do, and they took it!

This is the result of SATUC’s hard work and we wish a world of success for J’Ardell Iaiah Stirling and Ryan Nana Kofi Nkansah. Other children have also joined famous and renowned football clubs in their countries through the SATUC World Cup. Their lives have changed and they have become national inspirations. This is all thanks to the Sheikha’s idea on how to create stars through her Non-Profit Organization, revealing the talents and potential of children worldwide.

J’Ardell Iaiah Stirling & Ryan Nana Kofi Nkansah was one of the kids who trained and played with the help of the   SATUC World Cup 2017, England Team (2TR)  (2TR) led by Charles Clement Browne and Clasford Mortimer Stirling.


J’Ardell’s message to Sheikha Al Thani and the 2017 SATUC teams


Ryan’s message to Sheikha Al Thani and the 2017 SATUC teams

Months of careful preparation led up to one of the biggest charitable events Cairo has seen: 8 teams, 64 players, 1 goal. And what a success it was. SATUC was delighted and honoured to host such a great tournament, which helped so many under-privileged children.

As well as the hosts Egypt, Algeria, England, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Morocco, the Philippines, and Syria. They came to Egypt for 8 days – 27th August to 3rd September. SATUC’s smooth organization conveyed a highly positive impression of Children: many of the guests praised the charity and the role of Sheikha Sheikha Al Thani.

SATUC have always felt that sport can be a means to a higher purpose. Our message of peace, love, unity and equality is harnessed into the competition of football and the players learn something that transcends sport: they believe in themselves, know the value of teamwork and are left with improved communication and leadership skills, self-belief, and a desire to succeed.

All the children got certificates signed by Sheikha and Rabah Madjer.

SATUC is a registered charity with an emphasis on helping children through sporting endeavour.

SATUC legacy:

A bright future: some boys have been scouted by football teams – we gave them the chance to show the world what they can do, and they took it!

SATUC does more than just helping our children…in fact we have already had some huge success stories. At the cups so far we have invited top football scouts to witness the skills of the stars of tomorrow.

We do not see our children as victims, and sometimes we are able to act as a springboard, propelling them into very bright futures! Take Mohammed Isaac for example:

SATUC aims are as follows:

First: Bringing together orphans, refugees and disadvantaged children from around the world for the purpose of sporting activity and cultural exchange.

Second: Giving disadvantaged children and orphans space to excel, making them the centre of attention and, through encouragement and mentoring, encouraging their successful self-realization and putting a smile on their faces.

Third: Establishing and reinforcing the principle of equality of opportunity. Attempting to reverse feelings of inadequacy, enhancing children’s ability to create chances for themselves.

Fourth: To light candles of hope that will illuminate routes into professional footballing and other careers, encouraging ambition for future success in all endeavours.

Fifth: To offer opportunities for disadvantaged children to travel abroad and experience different cultures, allowing them to engage with their peers in other countries, exchanging expertise and experience.

Sixth: To increase children’s sense of patriotism through these events with the ceremonies of flag-raising and the singing of national anthems.

Our mission is to improve the living standards and well-being of children in all parts of the world in order to provide them with a brighter future, one without poverty or ill-treatment.


England Players: Names and Numbers

  • J’Ardell Isaiah Stirling 10
  • Remelle Anthony Kalif Alcendor Morgan 7
  • Daniel Martin Purdue 1
  • Iliman cheikh Ndiaye 3
  • Isiah Nathaniel Kenny Fraser 5
  • Luke Alan Dyer 4
  • Sky Brian King 8
  • Ryan Nana Kofi Nkansah 9

The final scores

  • Semi Final 1: Egypt 12 Morocco 4
  • Semi Final 2: Cote D’Ivoire 5 England 3
  • 3rd place playoff: England 5 Morocco2

Final: Egypt 5 Cote D’Ivoire 1

  • EGYPT came 1st and won a trophy and gold medals.
  • Cote D’Ivoire came 2nd and got silver medals.


  • Egypt – Champions
  • Cote D’Ivoire – 2nd Place
  • England – 3rd Place