SATUC World CUP Bulgaria Opening Ceremony

SATUC World CUP Bulgaria opening ceremony

SATUC World CUP Bulgaria opening ceremony The SATUC World CUP Bulgaria opening ceremony was a wonderful occasion resplendent with smiles, hope, dancers and fireworks. SATUC World Cup for orphans which was held in Bulgaria under the patronage of Sheikha Sheikha Al Thani partner, SATUC chairperson and founder of World Cup for orphans with the Bulgarian football union under the slogan “Let’s paint white flag blue”, illustrating that there is no difference between children in regard of gender, religion, or color and she treats them equally in order to enable them to engage in the society in which they live. SATUC Cup had a positive effect on the all participating children which was clear through the great happiness on the faces of children either during the matches or accommodation in one of the greatest hotels in Sofia. There was a lot of joy among orphan children from 12 countries and Sheikha Al Thani who was keen to be with children because they are the base of her charity project and one of the main goals in society. The children who participated in the tournament were ecstatic especially because they were the focus of the participants and they were so happy either in the hotel or National Football Centre "Boyana"/Bulgarian Football Union stadium which hosted the tournament. The scorned addition of SATUC World Cup, which involved teams from Bulgaria, Nigeria, Peru, Bosnia, Cambodia, Syria, Iraq, Mexico, Cameroon, Indonesia, Morocco and Liberia, began on 10 August when the teams assembled in Sofia. The 15-16-year-old participants, many of whom had never traveled abroad before, were accommodated with style in the Marinela Hotel, where they received delicious daily meals, and high standards of all-round care. Bulgarian football union also provided packed meals to the players and staff, providing the teams with the energy levels that allowed them to give their best on the field

SATUC World Cup Bulgaria closing ceremony

SATUC World Cup closing ceremony was a thunderous finale to the tournament. The highlights included the awards ceremony and the closing speeches, as well as more dazzling visual and audio delights. All the players received a certificate in recognition of all their hard work. There was disappointment as well as smiles, but the SATUC Cup taught that losing is also part of being a good sportsman, and the experience made them stronger. The BFU President Borislav Mihaylov presented the championship Nigeria’s trophy and the medalists received their distinctions from Sheikha Al Thani, Sultan Al Thani, Nuno Gomes, Tiago Ribeiro, Osama Nabih , Gamal Allam, Nour Khatab, Tamer Amin, Aziz Bouderbala ,Redouane Barkaoui and Iakhdar Belloumi, Sheikha / Sheikha Al-Tani and Deputy Executive Director of BFS Pavel Kolev. Individual awards went to Asen Traykov (Bulgaria) for the best goalkeeper, Usman Hosseini (Nigeria) for the top scorer and best footballer; Edwin Johnson (Liberia) was named “Boy to Write”, a prize bestowed on him by the chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Sports Journalists Naiden Todorov. The Team Fair Play Prize was awarded to Indonesia. The race ended with an impromptu party for all the players on the pitch. The organizing committee of the SATUC World Cup expresses special thanks to all Bulgarian teams, governments and Bulgarian football union, as well as to the referee who led the matches during the last 4 days: Gergana Tsankova, Borislav Kolev, Ivo Tsenov, Georgi Nikolov, Christian Gouteva, Ivan Ivanov and Vasimir El Hatib. The Nigerian team won, which had a clear 4-0 lead over Liberia in the final match. In the bronze match, the Bulgaria beat 4: 2 Moroccan team. The last emotional day of the tournament included Sheikha Al Thani, Sultan Al Thani and special ambassadors such as Nuno Gomes who arrived at the event and other such as Tiago Ribeiro, Osama Nabih , Gamal Allam, Nour Khatab, Tamer Amin, Aziz Bouderbala ,Redouane Barkaoui and Iakhdar Belloumi Sheikha Al Thani and the Portuguese star gave a press conference at the Bulgarian Football Union. Nuno Gomes during which he thanked both the SATUC Foundation and the Bulgarian Football Union for its excellent organization. “It is a great pleasure to be in Bulgaria in my role as SATUC World Cup Ambassador, when Sheikha Al-Tani invited me, I accepted without thinking, I cannot help supporting such a cause, such initiatives should not remain single events I would like to congratulate the Bulgarian Football Union for the construction of this wonderful base, “Gomes said. Nuno Gomes, the portuguese striker took part in the stars match between the ambassadors of the tournament such as Tiago Ribeiro, Osama Nabih , Gamal Allam, Nour Khatab, Tamer Amin, Aziz Bouderbala ,Redouane Barkaoui and Iakhdar Belloumi and European football legends, including the Bulgarian stars from the recent past Yordan Lechkov, Emil Kostadinov, Petar Hubchev, Georgi Donkov, Angel Stoykov and Boncho Genchev.

SATUC World Cup closing ceremony