SATUC World Cup Bulgaria 2018
Charity Exhibition Match August 15th at National football base ‘Boyana’ Sofia

SATUC World Cup Charity Exhibition Match which was taking place on 15th of August in Sofia, huge number of World star footballer such as (NUNO GOMES, KOSTADINOV, AZIZ BOUDERBALA, LAKHDAR BELLOUMI) was attend it, and huge number of the children around the world from different countries such as (Bulgaria, Nigeria, Peru, Palestine, Bosnia, Cambodia, Syria, Iraq, Mexico, Cameroon, Indonesia, Morocco and Liberia) was participating to SATUC WORLD CUP 2018 Sofia.

Many of our fantastic ambassadors have come to the event. This exhibition match was meant to send the participating children and all the disadvantaged children around the world that there are people who think about them and would even cross borders for them. After being hurt over the years and feeling alone, their presence would definitely make a difference in their lives. The sporting legend came and stand up for these children in a way which very few people have in their lives; it was mean the absolute world to them.
Lots of love! Lots of smiles! Lost’s of hopes for a better future! We were working hard in preparation for the tournament to give these children a wonderful opportunity. We were confident that with your invaluable support, and sporting legend attendance to the Charity Match on August 15th, 2018, we made a difference to these children’s lives through sporting legend attendance and championing of the cause. These are children that truly deserve our help and sporting legend support. Players were Participating in The Charity Exhibition Match whom the SATUC Sports Department are pleased to be in contact with and It was a remarkable and deeply enjoyable match.

The SATUC world cup was created with an aim to help disadvantaged children in need whilst deterring them from dangerous political associations or ethnic prejudices. We believe that this is instilled through our apolitical stance and the diversity of the participants in our global tournaments. We are dealing very carefully with all our children, believing whole-heartedly that they do not deserve to be victims of political unrest but that they should rather be treated with care and attention.

SATUC is a non-profit organisation which works to help orphans and disadvantaged children around the world.
It focuses on helping to empower them through community projects, equipping children with the social, academic and sporting skills they will need to excel in life. Football, as a team sport is seen by SATUC as a vital tool in achieving our goals. It has a unique ability to transcend social barriers and bring people together. It was that the 2015 SATUC Cup was envisaged, which led on to the successful Sharm El Sheikh Tournament in 2016 and 2018 SATUC World Cup Bulgaria, Sofia.

The SATUC World Cup is held once every two years. It seeks to give disadvantaged and orphaned children the chance to dream bigger and think bigger than their immediate horizons. We give them the gift of confidence and aspiration after all doesn’t every child deserve the chance to excel in life despite their upbringing? While football is a brilliant tool to bring people together through teamwork, providing hope to the hopeless is the true goal.
The children are given the opportunity to participate in a unique sporting event which will change their lives. Children cannot be held responsible for the political unrest, sadness, and suffering of the world which they are born into, which is why we see it as our mission to help them to the best of our abilities through our hard work, and the generosity of our sponsors.