What if your worst nightmare came true? Your loose change could give them hope.

We at SATUC firmly believe in the value, and ultimately, the success of our unique projects; every day we are driven by the thought of being able to provide for and inspire as many disadvantaged children as possible to a bright future ahead of them. But we need your help with the SATUC World Cup!

We are looking for the following areas to be covered, either directly or by the funds raised by sponsorship:

Flights & Airline tickets
Cultural tours for the children
Football kit & equipment for the teams
Security for the venue
Pitch-side first aid for the duration of the tournament
Food for the children
Drinks for the children
Logistics & tournament organisation (e.g. Professionals to organise practice times, match times, eating times etc.)
Gifts in kind are also actively encouraged, whether it be kit, energy drinks, cultural package tours or any other contribution sponsors would be willing to make.
Sponsor a team
Sponsor a child
Sponsor a camp – pitch equipment etc
Sponsor the video and photo production teams

Please don’t look the other way

Sponsor SATUC training camp for the orphaned participants

Sponsor SATUC training camp for the orphaned participants in the upcoming tournament who are in need of support and preparation before the competition begins. They are from different nations with similar circumstances and working together will be able to help them get over their obstacles and to place them on the right track to creating professional stars out of them.

Support this initiative as there is room for your help in many things such as:
Renting indoor and outdoor football pitches for training purposes, swimming pools, training equipment, kits, medical supervision and medicine, food and drink, accommodation fees for a month, transport and the committees supervising the teams.

Sponsor a boy or a group

There are many of the teams who are waiting for our support from the different nations. They are all waiting for tor moral and financial support. Our support can put them in this tournament where there the lack of attention and kindness and their need for education will be found along with the simplest of things that they need in life but have not had the chance to have from drinkable water to a proper meal to fill them.
Work to support a child or a team from one of these teams.

Sponsor an orphaned or underprivileged child

The orphaned and underprivileged children need of-of someone who can show kindness to them and heal their past wounds and it is the chance we all need to take in order to draw a smile on their face and to take their hand and put them on the right track which would ensure a bright future for them with preparation and training.

Join us in supporting an orphaned child by donating their school fees or food or home from them to save them from the dangers of different weathers.

London account

Bank name: HSBC London
Account name: Sheika Al Thani for Uniting Children Ltd
Account No: 6266 1454
Sort Code: 40 01 06
Swift: MIDLGB22
IBAN: GB43MIDL4001662661454

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أسم البنك: البنك الأهلي المصري
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Satuc Cup

SATUC, want to give children and young people the chance to dream bigger and think bigger than their immediate horizons; to give them the gift of confidence and ambition, to free them from the constraints that stop them fulfilling their unique potential. As the world’s most accessible sport we chose football to achieve this, since it is truly a universal language in this day and age.

SATUC World Cup

  • 38 Hyde Park Street, London,

    W2 2JS

  • Email: Info@oldweb.satucfootballcup.org