Football from the streets and all around the world will once again come together in the SATUC World Cup and this edition Bulgaria will be hosting the 16 participating countries. Football will unite the participating children and act as a tool to bring about change in their lives and the way they see the world. Meeting and interacting with children from countries they have never seen will broaden their horizons and so will seeing a new country. The nature of the children’s disadvantaged backgrounds varies from one country to another, some may be orphans, refugees or come from other unfortunate backgrounds. No matter what their backgrounds are, this tournament is an opportunity for these talented children to leave behind whatever challenges they have had to overcome and to show the true nature of themselves. In turn, it is a chance for the world to see them in a different light; not as victims or sufferers but as remarkable young people who have an extraordinary amount to give. The participating children have been chosen by their need for this event and by their dedication by our partner charities around the world, thus they deserve every benefit they can get out of this biannual event.

Please don’t look the other way

What if your worst nightmare came true? Your loose change could give them hope.
We at SATUC firmly believe in the value, and ultimately, the success of our unique projects; every day we are driven by the thought of being able to provide for and inspire as many disadvantaged children as possible to a bright future ahead of them. But we need your help with the 2017 SATUC Cup! We are looking for the following areas to be covered, either directly or by the funds raised by sponsorship: Flights & Airline tickets Accommodation Transport Cultural tours for the children Football kit & equipment for 24 teams Security for the venue Pitch-side first aid for the duration of tournament Insurance Food for the children Drinks for the children Logistics & tournament organisation (e.g. Professionals to organise practice times, match times, eating times etc.) Gifts in kind are also actively encouraged, whether it be kit, energy drinks, cultural package tours or any other contribution sponsors would be willing to make. Sponsor a team Sponsor a child Sponsor a camp – pitch equipment etc Sponsor the video and photo production teams

More than just football

At SATUC, we strongly believe in the power of sport as an aid to social development. Football is a universal language; whatever country you are from, whatever race or religion, football speaks to the entire world. It is our mission to use the beautiful game to create a brighter future for the most vulnerable children from around the world. Through football the children who will compete in the 2017 SATUC World Cup can escape the many hardships they have already faced and become the stars of tomorrow.